Privacy Statement

Privacy statement IDING Interim | Selection| Advice

In this statement we explain how IDING Interim | Selection | Advice deals with personal data. What data we collect, how they are processed and stored and for what purpose.

This privacy statement applies to all services of IDING Interim | Selection | Advice, a brand name of MID Management Services BV, located at Ministerlaan 37 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Chamber of commerce 17103729.

IDING Interim | Selection | Advice is a service provider that mediates between potential candidates and clients for (interim) positions at senior management level. Clients are directors, owners or supervisory directors of companies that are mainly active in the (manufacturing) industry or as a trading company for Business-to-business markets.

Personal data

IDING Interim | Selection | Advice collects and processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). This means that we are responsible for the careful handling of personal data of candidates and relations.

The personal data that we receive from (potential) candidates and relations consist mainly of Curriculum Vitaes in which are included: name and address details, contact details such as e-mail, telephone number, etc. In addition, we may collect, obtain or view personal data through sources such as Linkedin, facebook or other public sources and social media. Personal data can also be obtained through references who we contact for background information.


The collection and processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of our services for (potential) candidates and our clients. The personal data is collected and processed by us in order to provide our services as effectively as possible. If necessary and insofar as necessary, we will ask for your permission for the collection and processing of (other) personal data.

Share with third parties

In order to be able to carry out our work as well as possible, it is possible that we will share personal data with a client or relation. However, this only happens after careful screening by us and discussing this with both the (potential) candidate and the relevant client. If we wish to nominate candidates to our client, personal data will, after approval by the candidates, be shared with the (potential) client.

Secure and store

All personal data are stored in our database that is stored on servers in the Cloud of our service provider. The personal data are thus protected. Together with our Cloud provider, we also take appropriate security measures to prevent abuse of and unauthorized access to your personal data.

The retention period for personal data will, insofar as necessary, be a maximum of ten (10) years, or for as long as indicated by candidates or clients (in writing). When this period expires IDING Interim | Selection | Advice asks for advice whether we can keep and process personal data for longer. Personal data will then be stored again for a period of ten (10) years, or for as long as indicated by you (in writing). In case a relation indicates that it is not desirable that personal data is stored any longer IDING Interim | Selection | Advice will try to delete the personal data within 48 hours.

Your rights

Candidates are at all times entitled to see, change or remove personal data stored by IDING Interim | Selection | Advice. In addition, relations have the right to limit the processing of personal data when;
    • someone is of the opinion that the personal data are incorrect;
    • the processing of personal data happens unlawfully, or;
    • when your personal data is no longer required for the execution of our services.

If and insofar as applicable, it is also always possible to withdraw the consent for the processing of (other) personal data.

When relations wish to make use of their rights, written contact can be made with us via the above postal address or the candidate can send an e-mail to us via Indicate what the desire is for what happens to your personal data. We try to send a notification of this within 48 hours of receipt of the request and will indicate how and in what way and within what period we will comply with the request.


It is possible to request personal data and / or transfer these to a third organization. The personal data will then be sent in a readable file to the relation or, if desired, to the third party in question. If a relation wishes to receive his / her personal data or to transfer it to a third organization, a written request via the above postal address or e-mail via is necessary. In doing so, it must be stated explicitly and unambiguously what happens to the personal data. We try to send you a notification within 48 and will indicate how and in what way and within what period we will comply with the request.


If you do not agree with the processing of your personal data by IDING Interim | Selection Advice, then you have the right to object. With this, the processing of your personal data can also be limited. In addition, relationships always have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) if you do not agree with the way in which your personal data is handled. To submit a complaint, the instructions are published on the website of the AP:

Reporting duty data leaks

A data leak is a violation of the security of personal data. IDING Interim | Selection | Advice processes, stores and secures data with the utmost care, but it is possible for a data leak occur. Should such a data leak occur at IDING Interim | Selection | Advice, we will first check whether and to what extent there is a high risk for the rights and freedoms of our relations. In such a case, we will report this to the AP within 72 hours and we will also notify our relations as soon as possible.

We will report at least the following in the case of a data leak:

    • the type of violation related to personal data;
    • the likely impact of the violation;
    • the actions taken or intended to be taken by IDING Interim | Selection | Advise to limit the consequences of the violation.


If you have any questions and / or comments about our privacy policy, you can contact us via telephone number +31 (0) 6 53 389871 or via e-mail: