Executive Search

IDING supports top management in the search, selection and hiring of the right managers.

We translate strategy to people and organization. The right people and a well-functioning organization are determining factors for future success of an enterprise.

IDING finds the right managers and directors for companies in trade and industry. Our strength lies in connecting people. We bring together people who strengthen each other. We listen, analyze and give advice. We combine our solid experience with a fresh perspective. With a business administration background and years of experience in the sector IDING understands how organizations work and finds suitable fits.
IDING offers clients access to its high-quality network of experienced entrepreneurs, directors, managers and coaches. People we know, not just a database.

IDING has a proven successful approach in which, in addition to database and desk research, optimal use is made of our large and relevant network. We draw a clear picture of the company and the assignment. Profile and qualifications are combined with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.

For the selection of candidates, a powerful and accurate assessment is conducted by professional and accredited assessors.

IDING works on long-term relationships and is a reliable consultant in the development of your organization and the efforts of (your) people.

IDING has years of experience in selecting, placing and supervising managers in leading organizations in the Netherlands. Since 2005 IDING has carried out more than 150 projects for a wide range of (international) industrial companies.

If you want to know more about our approach and people, please contact us.

Each assignment starts with clarifying the needs of the organization